Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3 cards in 15 mins - inspired by 1 layout

Happy Tuesday! One of my goals for 2014 is to send more letters, cards etc. I feel silly when I am in a pinch and need to send out a card and end up pulling out one of the pre-made ones I have tucked in a drawer. I mean, HELLO I have a craft room full of products that inspire me, there really is no excuse. But the one I often like to make is "I have no time!", does that sound familiar?  So I set out with some goals.

1. Make three cards in 15 minuets. 
2. Find inspiration in work I have already created
3. Use the kit I have on my desk. 

The kit sitting on my desk was Blue Note

The layout I decided to take my inspiration from 

I simply used the scraps on my desk that I had out from making my Blue Note projects. 

Then I made 3 card bases with white card stock and started with the same composition on each card. Simply using the washi tapes that came in the kits, and a piece of paper in the same manner. 

I took 3 labels and added them to the cards as well as the adorable stickers. 

I also knew I wanted to add the sewing detail that 
I had on my layout so I added that quickly to all of my cards.

From there I had the base of the design done and started to
 design each card on it's own with the supplies I had right around me. 

I always cut all my cut files for the month on white right when
 I get them to have them on hand so the "believe" was an easy add! 

I love that after only 15 mins and simply using the supplies I already had out I now have 3 cards ready to send out to some of my favorite people! 

So here is my challenge for you! The next time you make a layout, take 15 mins. afterwards and make a couple cards! Link me up, I would love to leave you some love!! 



  1. This is awesome, I love seeing your step by step pictures and I love how you challenged yourself!! Next time I make a layout I will have to try this :)

  2. The layout and cards are so gorgeous! I love your work!
    So curious about how you made those extra watercolor diamonds. Something about letterpress? I got it to work with the acrylic stars but couldn't get a deep enough image with those. Any tips?

  3. Oh wow! These are just gorgeous. So fun :-)


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