Monday, December 9, 2013

Addisons' Research Report

I haven't shared a TON on here, but we made the decision to step out on faith this year and enroll Addison in a BRAND NEW school! We knew that this meant leaving her friends and a school just around the corner form our house but we thought the good out weighed the bad. The school was a project based school that was partnered with our local University. It is RIGHT up Addison's learning style and I was very excited for her. Even though she still says she misses her friends, and teachers, I know long term we made the right choice for her. This week the kids had a RESEARCH PROJECT due! What 1st grader does a research paper? That is what I love about this school! Addison decided to do hers with a video, and I wanted to share it with you guys! :)

My Favorite Community Helper from shanna noel on Vimeo 

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  1. Great job! I enjoyed learning about your Papa. Thank you for letting me watch your video. ;)

  2. Oh my word!!! That was so fun!!! Addison is a lucky girl to be able to go to such a good school. Great video Addison!!! ����


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