Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Allow your kids to play..... with your stamps!!

Seriously. I know. I have always been a firm believer in allowing the kids to play with whatever they want in our craft room. Yes, Addison has covered a piece of paper in 1,000 enamel dots and thickers have been used to cover faces but beautiful things also happen because of this policy! Today Addison decided to make a birthday card and out she came with the most beautiful handstamped icecream cone I have ever seen! I took a photo of it and within the hour had an order sent to printsonwood (they are currently running a 30% off sale for Father's Day) I love it so much!

She did all the stamping I simply added the "good times" in photoshop using a Studio Calico digital stamp and orderd a print! I LOVE how she mixed colors, has them sitting all wonky and off set the sprinkles... none of which I would have thought to do. The way children see things is so special and I love moments like this where you see it so clearly!! 

Also, DON'T feel guilty if you have some special items you paid big money for and don't want the kids to use! I have a drawer with my work product and special items that they know is off limits but thats okay because they have access to 90% of what is in there and believe me that is enough!!


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  1. She's definitely got talent like her mother! This is soooooo perfect!


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