Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Exiciting news with Amy Tangerine

It's Tuesday and I have some exciting news I have been waiting to share for a bit now! Amy Tangerine has asked me to be a part of her design team, and to me... this is just a dream team! Her lines mix with my style, I couldn't imagine any one designer being a more perfect match!

I first met Amy at the 2013 winter CHA show, even though I was very new to the scrapbooking community at the time she pulled us right over and made us feel welcomed and at home. Throughout the show I watched as she interacted so easily with customers, scrapbookers, buyers and manufactuers. She would literally skip through the hall and bring a smile to anyone's face who's path she crossed. She is seriously one gifted lady and I am so lucky to be working with her.

During our trip to Camp Calico I got to know Amy even better as we shared a couple flights/and layovers together. It was during the time she was pregnant and we got to share stories about motherhood/worries/fears/excitments etc. I loved seeing her down to earth thoughts on motherhood and sharing (but hopefully not oversharing) some of my experiences with my girls as we had lunch together.

I went to Amy as a friend when I was working on Printshop for Studio Calico and she shared with me such valuable information as well as excitement that I really couldn't share with anyone else at the time. Amy has genuine happiness about her that is just infectious and I have to tell you I think that played a part in making it such a dream come true experience for me.

With all that said when I saw Amy was pulling together a design team I thought I would throw my name in the hat but never imagined that she would ask me (I mean hello, I can only imagine the volume of names that were in that hat!!) so when she did it just made my day! I look forward to working with Amy and her innovative designs!

I am not only excited to be joining Amy, but this amazing team she has put together! 

Come check out their awesomeness! 



  1. So awesome Shanna! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what yu and the team create.

  3. Happy for you Shanna! You are one busy lady :)

  4. Congratulations and Enjoy the dream!

  5. Thats so exciting Shanna! Can't wait to see the future of what you create! Amy obviously has good taste!

  6. yep. a perfect fit.

    can't WAIT to see how you rock Amy's products!!!!!!!!

    so so awesome!

  7. You rock shanna !!! You will do an amazing job


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