Monday, October 27, 2014

Illustrated Faith | Jaime Dougherty

Hi there! I feel so blessed to be able to bring you another amazing guest today! From the moment Jaime joined the journaling bible facebook group every one took notice, her art speak to the soul. In getting to know her over the past couple of weeks I see that she is talented but humble and that is something to admire! I will step aside and give Jaime the stage... 

Hi everyone, my name is Jamie Dougherty. I was born and raised in a small southern California town called Ramona, where I still live with my husband and two awesome kids. I grew up always believing in God but not really fully knowing the meaning that carried. I was shuffled off to Sunday school with family and friends but again, never fully understood what it all meant. We were those holiday church goers. I always had faith and a belief system but it wasn't until a few years ago when I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into a slump I couldn't dig myself out of, when I finally chose to look up instead in a mirror. I was centering everything around myself when I needed to center everything around my Lord and savior. The highs the lows and everything in between all revolved around me instead of HIM. I decided one day that had to change. I started to take my daughter to church with me––she showed interest and I wanted to nurture that. (my husband and younger son not as much) I continued to try and make my faith priority but it still didn't feel complete. Our church wasn't the right fit for who I was and I still struggled with where I belonged in God's plan. My husband's resistance also  deterred me from letting go and letting God take over. After fourteen years together, one day after watching a movie Fireproof,(funny how God works) something clicked inside my husband and he began to search out his relationship in God. From there it felt as if we were in this journey together and I have since found that the Holy Spirit has been working in me all along.

My art has grown leaps and bounds since I allowed God's direction in my life, and I try to give Him all the glory and praise for what I am able to achieve. Without Him I would still be that empty, lost self. I am forever grateful for where God's plan has lead my family and I. 

I am also grateful God led me to Shanna's amazing group on Facebook, where I can share my spiritual gifts in a way that might bring other's to God's word. I feel this could be just what God had intended for many of us all along a new movement to spread his Love and Grace. 

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings and I hope in someway they can help you in your walk with God.

Thank you so much Jaimie for sharing your beautiful talents with us, it is a gift God has given us and in turn you are sharing... there really is nothing better. I loved hearing your story, the part about your husband sent chills down my arm!!! THANK YOU JAIME!!

Jamie has been so generous as to share a free printable with you guys, and you will see exactly what I mean with this STANDOUT artist!


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