Monday, September 15, 2014

Journaling Bible | Bonita Rose

Happy Monday! Please welcome Bonita to my blog today! I will never forget when I woke up one day to a flood of comments from Bonita, she had just discovered the process of using a journlaing bible to a creative way and you could tell she was EXCITED!!! That fire has only gotten brighter so of course I had to ask her to join us as a guest!!

I stumbled upon the #journalingbible community one day on IG. I was browsing images and suddenly saw someone's page I really loved. I saw their hashtag on IG and clicked on that. Then it seems like I went down the rabbit hole! I read all of Shanna's posts on her blog, and that day, ordered myself two journaling bibles, one single column, the other double column - so I would have one each to one day gift to each of my two daughters. In the meantime, I had fun getting messy with color in one of my older thrift store Bibles, so much fun! 

My relationship with the Lord hasn't always been front and center in my life. I was raised in a home an only child, with parents that didn't believe in God and hardly ever took me to church. The stories in the Bible, the great message of salvation - I only learned many years later as an adult in my 20s, after going through a lot of pain and heartache in my life. A relationship with Jesus was what I was looking for. And as you know, our Lord never disappoints. My Savior has always been there for me after that. Always. 

I've always been creative, and always loved to write. And yes, I love lots of color! I blogged and wrote my heart out before blogging was even mainstream. I started paper-crafting when my first daughter was born, over 21 years ago. And I've kept up with it. I have 12x12 albums for each of my daughters, as well as now, I devote about a 1/2 hour/week to work on my Project Life pages. For me right now, that's doable. Everything else I play with and create -- is purely for fun. And I love that! 

The Lord has done so much in my life. A few years ago, my hubby and I were praying to one day move from the frozen plains of ND to somewhere warm and hopefully, coastal. It was always a dream. It's amazing what the Lord does in your life when you truly seek HIM with your whole heart. God gave us above and beyond what we could have asked or even hoped for, and now, my husband, our dog and I are living the beach life, on the sands of the Atlantic Ocean in FL. We moved here in 2012. Every day, I am more than thankful. God is alive. I see it every day. In so many little things.

Pairing my creativity with my faith and my personal walk with the Lord is  something that feels just so natural to me. I've always been an encourager, and always tried to uplift and encourage and empower others. I love to inspire, so what better than to inspire them with the life-giving Word of God? I am thankful for this community of people that love the Lord and want to shine their creativity for Him. 
In everything, may our God  be praised. 
Jesus, may You be glorified in all I do. 

Today, I'm giving away a Gift Pack of some of my favorite items from my Etsy shop: some painted deli paper strips, some painted tip-in cards, some Artsy Bits, and a pack of my Artsy pages! If you leave a comment here on Shanna's blog with your email address, I'll pick a name to receive ALL these goodies next Friday Sept 19th
In the meantime, dig into God's Word and enjoy your creative time with Him. 

Find more from Bonita here: blog | IG | Pinterest | etsy 

Thank you Bonita for sharing your heart with us today!!

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