Sunday, June 29, 2014

Penny Arcade!!!

Do you ever have points in your scrapbooking that you take a turn in the road and it totally revunivates your creativity? I am there. And I am loving it. Now I know this may not translate to what you are seeing from me on your end.... but I am really focusing more on the STORY behind the page and it has become such a rewarding experience for me!

What I love about these kits is they are the perfect for the backdrop and I love all the embelishments that come in the packs!!

I loved the cloud theme seen throuhout the main kits

This is a 12x12 (woha) without photos, it is a love letter to Jonathan 
reguarding the time he was 1/2 around the world for a year. 

Here it is folded in 1/2 (to fit inside a 6x12 insert for PL) 

I made sure you could lift this flap to be able to read all the journaling.

I also really wanted to make a mini this month and here it is! 
VERY simple just a single piece of cardstock for the base folded accordian style. 

Project LIFE!!! Oh how I love this time of year when your binder
 starts to fill and you can see it as a collective piece!!

To check out the latest kits from Studio Calico head on over!!!

xox Shanna

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  1. I LOVE the map layout, how did you do it? I also had to spend a year apart from my husband and would love to do a similar layout


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