Monday, May 5, 2014

Journaling Bible Guest | Jil Larson

I believe in being inspired by those around you and continue to grow through that inspiration. I consider myself amazingly lucky to have the LOVELY, talented, and super sweet Jil Larson here to guest with us today and sharing a peek into her journaling bible.  Before I share her story I want to remind you how personal a journaling bible is, and to please take that into consideration... to me.. this is a HUGE deal and I am just so thankful she is willing to share her heart with us today! :)

"I started using a journaling Bible after seeing a glimpse of Shanna’s on Instagram, and it’s been enriching to my faith, if only because I am now so focused during sermons. It’s wonderful to have a record of all sorts of ideas about the Bible in a journal that includes the Biblical text itself. 

Because this is not my main Bible, I feel like I can write all over it with happy abandon. The writing during church and the embellishing afterward help me dwell with the words and ideas. While stamping, coloring, sticking down, I think about the passage, the sermon or discussion, and my own reflections. I’m relatively new to the Bible journal, but I know that my work in it will help me remember where particular verses and stories are; like any annotation, this is blazing a trail for me. I am building my own personal relationship with the word of God.

What I have currently done involves stamping, adding detail and color with distress markers and mists, marking sections and books with die-cut tabs, labeling small-group studies, circling, underlining, and highlighting with arrows. What I would still like to do is date my notes with a date stamp, perhaps adding the initials of pastors (since I’m exposed to different sermon-givers). I also see this project as one that will evolve, so I’ll find new ways to make these pages my own. For instance, I can’t believe I have not yet used any washi tape! 

Thanks, Shanna, for giving me the chance to share a few of my thoughts on using a journaling Bible. And thanks again for inspiring me in the first place!"
Jil Larson

Jil! Thank you so much for sharing your heart, words and art with us today. I can't express to you how much it means to me. As I read your letter.. it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for taking the brave step to share such a personal project with us. 

How are you enjoying your journal bible? Did you pick one up yet? Are you taking a new twist on it? Do you find that you are spending more time in the word, or understanding it in a new way?  I love how Jill used the Amy Tangerine leaf as a book mark, and I just adore her little flower doodles. How adorable is that? 

For more inspiration from Jil please follow her here: 

If you would like to be a guest for our journaling bible series shoot me an email (shannanoelATgmailDOTcom), I would love to help share your journaling bible story.


  1. I love this idea of journaling in the bible. The bible is supposed to be used and loved and I think journaling is a great way to showcase that! Thank you so much for sharing and I may have just been inspired to start my own!

  2. just sent this to my Thrive Moms community group ladies! we were just having a talk about journaling and a lot of them said they struggle with it. xoxo

  3. Absolutely beautiful and very touching. Thank you


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