Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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It's a New Year, and with that I am SO excited to be learning from someone I have looked up to for years. Kal Barteski, her style, and simple graphic design has spread like wild fire in our community, but now it is basic to where it started, let's learn from the best!

I love Kal's art prints, and could not be more excited to bring a similar look, in my style to my projects. 

NOW IS OUR CHANCE!! YAY!!! Studio Calico + Kal = PURE joy! 

See, awesome, right?!! I have even more news, if you sign up before Jan 7th you get 
free shipping on your supplies! These supplies are on their way to me now and I am BEYOND excited!

I am so excited about the template and cut files I am providing for the classroom! These are available as soon as you sign up for the class! As much fun as those cut files were to design, they were even more fun to cut! Think WATERCOLORS, paper PIECING! Oh the possibilities!

I am already having so much fun playing with Kal's techniques, I know it's going to be a great month!!

So whatcha say, will I see you in class


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