Friday, December 27, 2013

A closer look at "Go BE the LOVE"

YAY! It's reveal over at Studio Calico!!!! Instead of showing you all my layouts in one long post without much detail, I thought I would take them one at a time and share a little more on the though behind the process as well.

The first thing this layout was inspired by: the amazing colors in the kit. Particularly I fell in love with the Nvy Blue and the Lime Greens in the kits. I never knew how much I loved them until this kit came into my craft room! For this layout I mainly use:

and High Point for those GEO TAGS!!! Oh my heavens I love those!

These Peerless watercolors also helped me to create this dreamy background!

To start I sat down with my thoughts, and my photography of my beautiful daughter  LOL jK!!! I went shopping!!! I bought this watercolor paper at my local art supply store that is called a "brick", esentially it means both sides of the paper are glued to the pad so that when you paint the paper it doesn't bubble up!! How awesome is that!? Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?!

The moment I got home I saw this image on pinterest (I am a preschool teacher so I follow a lot of other teachers)

When I taught Pre-K one of their favorite things to do was bubble paint (which is slightly different than the image above, but it sparked the memory) bascially what you do is put some dish soap, watercolor, muster huey or paint and water in a small cup, or bowl. Stir it all up and grab a STRAW! Yup! A STRAW!!! Then you start blowing bubbles in your solution (like when we use to blow bubbles in our chocolate milk) until it floats to the top, then you take your paper and lay it on top and it creates these lovely watercolored circles. Now this really isn't an exact science, its very organic so just go with it! 

Once I was done with the watercoloring I was really able to see where I wanted this layout to go. Using the ncy cardstock to give this dreamy layout an achor I pulled other colors that were similar from the kits. I knew i wanted that bird paper in there some where, so I just add to add a little snip of that!  The title came from the sermon I had heard the Sunday before and it just stuck with me, I love that sentiment! 

I thought I was done before I added the geo tags, and I am so glad I thought to add those later because they are one of my favorite parts now! 

If you try this technique I would love to see! Link me up!!

talk to you soon, enjoy creating!


  1. how fun Shanna!!! It sounds so easy too! I might have to give it a go!

  2. This is a lovely layout! Can't wait to try the technique.

  3. Wow, your LO is gorgeous! I need to try the bubble method in my works too :)

  4. I think this is my favorite layout of the whole release! I LOVE that background and can't wait to try it. Being a pre-k teacher myself, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. LOL. Beautiful page!

  5. thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to try this techique definitely need to :)!!!

  6. How. Much. FUN. Love this!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I now remember my kids used to have Teletubbies movie where some preshoolers painted just that way.


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