Friday, October 10, 2014

Illustrated Faith | Marine Parents

Surprise, surprise!! It's FRIDAY and I have a VERY special guest for you guys today!!! Whenever I would talk about the journaling bible with anyone in person they would say I LOVE LOVE LOVE what April (Marine Parents) is doing with hers, and I have to say I agree!! She knocks it out of the part with her joyful spirit and creative touch!!

find april on etsy & instagram!

hello, beautiful ladies! i am so excited & completely honored to be guest posting here on shanna’s gorgeous blog.  finding this community of creative ladies color coding, stickering, & painting inside their bibles has been [literally] one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  

i’ll let you in on a little secret.... i’ve been a christian for 19 years this month & i have never read the entire bible.  nope.  not even in sections.  not even over the course of nearly two decades.  for years, i’ve felt such a total disconnect from the Word.  this bible absolutely rocked my world as soon as i opened it.  and i’m happy to say that after just two short months with this fantastic tool, i’ve devoured nearly twenty of the sixty-six books bound within these leather covers.

i first saw this style of bible on the instagram explore page [my favorite middle of the night scrolling activity].  i had been riding the fence on replacing my twelve year old bible that was gifted to me at high school graduation.  it was falling to absolute pieces -- i’d taped the spine three times, glue stick-ed in more blank note pages than i care to count & filled the teensy margins with notes & tattoo ideas brainstormed during freshman chapel in college.  i had plum grown out of it.

i immediately hopped on amazon, ordered the ESV single column journaling bible & anxiously awaited it’s arrival.  i found some of the frixion pens that shanna had recommended on a previous post & purchased those as well as the “highlighter” version -- the frixion colors.  the rest of my go to bible supplies include several of the she reads truth journals [i love their studies!] as well as a pencil pouch & bible bag from my own hand made shop.

i don’t have much rhyme or reason to what i read in my own person study time.  i’ve been flipping back & forth between the testaments at random -- i read through matthew first, to fill my heart with the promising words of Christ.  next came proverbs & all the letters of paul.  i’m currently digging in to isaiah.  for anyone just starting to read the Word, i totally recommend ephesians & philippians to start.

i take small notes in the margins during weekend church services & fill in the rest of the space with my ever growing stash of alpha stickers & scrapbooking embellishments during the weekdays.  i love sneaking a few of my daughter’s crayola twistables to use as highlighters!

a lettering perfectionist i am not, but a lover of Christ i am.  and that’s exactly what this bible is for -- filling the creative desires of our human hearts to draw us closer to the eternal promises whispered by our heavenly Father.

♥ ♥ ♥

as a special thank you to shanna & all you lovely gals for making it through this novel of a post [--*wink], i’ve got a couple of fun extras & a pretty little giveaway for you! 

leave a comment on this post with your favorite book of the bible -- shanna & i will select a winner on friday to receive this super popular bible bag from my shop in the Jesus Chalkboard fabric!

if you want to grab your own bible bag, pencil pouch or a multitude of other zipped & ruffled goodies, i’ve set up a 15% discount code just for y’all!! use the code SHANNANOEL at checkout -- code is valid on all orders placed through sunday night!

and last, but absolutely not least.... i made up a fun little printable // instagram share-able for us!  our creativity [no matter how it comes out on the pages of our bible] is a true gift from God.  don’t let a single soul discourage you from how you dwell in the Spirit -- He has filled us with all knowledge & craftsmanship.... and that my sweet friends, is something to be excited about it!

Thank you so much April! I think I am going to need to pick up one of those adorable pouches of yours! My favorite is the camo with the yellow ruffle! Serious PERFECTION my friend!!! Thank you for all you do, and thank you for sharing your heart with us today!!

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