Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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With all the excitement and new members over at our journaling bible community, I thought it would be fun to have a traveling bible. One that we could all add our own special touch to and share with each other all over the world. If you would like more info please feel free to join our group

If it already sounds like something that you want to join in on here is what you need to know for now :) 

1. Please email me (shannanoel@gmail.com) subject: traveling bible - with your mailing address and where you can ship to. I will place you on the list and email you back with info on where you might be on this list. This project could go on for a while, and I think that is OK! In fact, I think it is GREAT!!
2. I will mail you when you are up on the list. With more info and who you will be sending it off to. What you need to do when you get the bible:
3. Work your magic: pick a page, verse, etc that speaks to you
4. Take a couple photos of your work (process) and email them to me ( I think it will be fun to update everyone as the bible travels, I would love to make a little map! )
5. Feel free to share on social media when the bible arrives (etc etc etc) using hashtag ‪#‎travelingbible‬
6. You will have 3 days to finish your journaling and pop that baby back into the mailbox to continue it's journey  (the three days is when you have to work on it, not the MAILING, we all know you have no control over how much time it may take)
7. Please make sure you get a tracking number on this package where possible this way it can help us prevent it from getting lost along the way.
8. Please have an OPEN mind about this, it's a VERY organic process,... if it does get lost along the way we can be thankful for what we learned from the process and hope that wherever it lands someone who needed the bible will find it!
9. If and when it does come to a place where it is "done" we will do a random number generator and send it to one person who participated. That person may choose to keep the bible or donate to where they see fit 
I am SUPER excited to getting this started, and sending it off!!!

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