Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Illustrated Faith | Evelin Tee

I have a little surprise for you! A TUESDAY guest, how much fun is that?! Evelin is an artist through and through so when I saw that she was enjoying journaling in her bible I knew I had to ask her to guest here! With fingers crossed I waited to hear back and HERE SHE IS TODAY!!! *happy happy dance*!!

Evenlin is using the NIV Note-taker's Bible 

Thank you Shanna for this opportunity to share my journalling bible pages. I have been following Shanna on Instagram for a while now and when I saw her posting about journalling in her bible, I was intrigued. I love that idea! I have always kept my bible pristine and I don't even underline anything in it, although I did keep separate journals for it in the past. I just thought a bible should be, you know, clean.. :) and that it was also just too precious to doodle in..

But creating art has always been a part of me (I illustrate custom watercolor family portraits, greeting cards, calligraph and bind handmade books.. among other crafty endeavors) and seeing how that can be combined with studying His Word is really that motivating factor for me to find the time and delve more into His Word. I also feel that it would be great for my son to read my thoughts that I journaled when he is old enough and would make a great keepsake.

To be really honest, I struggle to find the time to read the bible sometimes. It's like, I want to read it but 'things' will always crop up at the time that I want to sit down and study His Word. I needed a push and this was it! I find myself looking forward and making sure I have no distractions, even if it meant reading and journaling in the middle of the night!

I like to embellish my pages minimally with stickers, splatter of mists and random little embellishments just to make it colorful. And I love to journal so you can see lots of writing and doodling on my pages :) 

I have also created a downloadable digital pdf and svg file of my illustrations and calligraphy "His Love Endures Forever" that you can purchase at a special price of $0.99 until Oct 6th (usual price $3.99).

Thank you Evelin,  I LOVE your printables they are just so soft and BEAUTIFUL!!
If you have any questions about using a journaling bible or want 
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