Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creative Options | Homework Kit

As we head back to school we tend to gather up all the school supplies and send them off to school. Then they come home with a packet full of homework and you realize you sent all goods to the classroom! The past couple of years I have started putting together a little homework kit to keep at home. This way when they kids get home, they get an afternoon snack & plop down to the table with their kit and get to work. 

I find that including the kids in this process is key. Ask them what they think they need in the kit and what they WANT in the kit! This will make them take ownership of it and therefore actually want to use it! Now don't get me wrong here, this isn't about going out and buying a whole new batch of supplies. This is about gathering the supplies you have all over your house, a little bit here and a little bit there but when you bring it all together it works! I love the little organizer case from Creative Options with it's customizable cubbies. This is perfect for the items like will be pulling out every time like pencils, highlighters and paperclips. 

Once you have gathered and organized the supplies the toolbox has two layers. In the bottom layer I added little bags filled with things like colored pencils, crayons, scissors, notebooks and a pencil sharpener. What is nice about this being a clear container is that when you look inside you can clearly see anything you might need. 

For the top tray of the toolbox I also added a couple of must use items. For my kids this includes a ruler, post-it notes, white out, washi tape (ok, this is more for fun, but homework should be fun... right!?) and sharpies. I don't know about your kids but there is something about sharpies that my kids just love, so to have a couple in their homework kit will make their day!!! I love that the top container just slips on the top for super easy access. The easier it is for my kids to keep this organized the better!

Once you have organized the top sit back and marvel at your super awesome back to school mom talents!! For a little added touch I put some Amy Tangerine alphabet stickers on the top that reads "homework kit". This whole kit can slip into their art drawer and when they get home from school and are ready to get to work they know exactly where everything is! The creative options containers helped me give my kids the tools they need in a way they can use them best. 

How are you getting organized for another school year? Amy Tangerine had some fun ides on how to help her friends get all set.....

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