Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bringing back the salad bar!

Remember in the 90's there was salad bars all over the place? I am sorry but I love a good salad bar, where did they all go? One night this summer I made a BIG ole salad with all my favorite things in it. I was so excited to sit down and eat it with my family for dinner. To my surprise I looked across the table and saw two NOT so happy faces. My kids picked through the salad finding the few things they liked in it. At first I was kinda upset. I told the kids that they needed to do a better job eatting veggies and making sure they are "eating the rainbow". We have always served veggies with dinner, we don't force the kids to eat all of it but they have always been required to take a "no thank you" bite if they don't want to eat something. I was frustrated because I made this beautiful salad and the kids weren't having any of it.

Then something clicked.

I made a salad with all MY favorite things. Let's put this in their hands and allow them to make a salad with all of THEIR favorite things!! I do our grocery shopping once a week and I decided instead of leaving all the salad fixins in the bags etc I would chop them up and have them all ready for salad and put each veggie in a mason jar. Now whenever we have salad for dinner or salad as a side I pull out all the mason jars and everyone in the family can make a salad they will eat and LOVE!

Some of our favorite things to include are carrots, radishes, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, chickpeas, olives, peas etc. I just shop the local farmers markets as well as our grocery stores for fresh veggies that look yummy! If the girls are with me I have them pick out whatever they want for the salad bar as well! 

We also make some little pinch bowls with other fun goodies to add to the salad as well that might not save as well in mason jars. Some of our favorites are: salami, dried chickpeas, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocado, crouton, etc. Just throw whatever you have in the pantry and fridge that looks yummy! 

Needless to say my kids happily (well unless Addison just got home from a playdate and is super tired) make their salads and *gasp* even eat them before the rest of their dinner!! #saladbarfortheWIN! 

I thought I would share this little tip with you all just incase any of you are struggling with getting your kids to eat more veggies!! Thanks for stopping by! See you soon! 

P.S. upon looking amazon for mason jars I ran across these adorable VINTAGE inspired jars, how cute are they? Picking up some now, you can never have to many mason jars!!!

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