Monday, July 28, 2014

Take 2 | Sandlot

It's the day after reveal, how is everyone feeling? Did you snag all the kits you wanted and soak up all the inspiration in the gallery? I have a little tradition after reveal day I wanted to share with you guys today! :) I love getting the kits, opening them up and just creating what ever comes to mind,... whatever inspires. But my second favorite is when I re-organize my kits after reveal, find all the hidden gems I forgot to add, or have just discovered through the AWESOME team over at Studio Calico, (they always use things in such innovative ways!). So here is what is on my desk at the moment and some ideas I have on what is next!......

First off these paints!!!! I love the whole color theory line and am super excited to be able to have the perfect shades of paints to add to my projects. These weren't in yet when I was working with Sandlot so I am excited to have them in hand now! When I think of paints I think of Kim....

I love how Kim used the transparent alpha in the main kit. Painting BEHIND them! So smart ...that girl!!! These are my FAVE!! They make such a statement on a page, I want use of them! 

The Hercules kits was one of my FAVORITE kits this month (I loved the combo. of papers and the stamp!!)  and I still have lots to use from it! I wanted to just pull a couple of my favorite projects using this fun kit! 

I adore how Lori used it to match her photo PERFECTLY and then left a trail of yummy emblishments along the page! Seriously perfection!

Maggie Massey ROCKED that FANCY stamp like not other!!!! I love how she used the mask as well! 

Another thing I picke up at reveal was not ONE, not TWO but THREE sets of these adorable cards. Crazy? Yes but I LOVE THEM!!! I love having cute elements like this around the house not only for PL, but they would be perfect for a gift card, a little note... really anything goes! I mean seriously how cute are these envelopes?

With all that inspiration the first thing I am going to work on is a mini album for my husband (with our recent Alaska trip!) using the digital template I create for the store this month! 

Barbara already knocked it out of the park! Seriously her attention for detail and innovative ideas always inspire me so much!

While you are over in the digital shop make sure to pick up these FREE journal cards from Brighton Pier. I am sorry that PEAR gets me EVERY time!

 Off to create! Talk to you soon!


  1. AAAAACK! Shanna! Imagine my surprise when I'm reading your post and see my layout! made my day. Thank you!!! you're my favorite...xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness. I am loving what I've seen of Sandlot and all the gorgeous layouts are really inspiring me to make a traditional layout...I haven't done one in years!

  3. Can't wait to see your Alaska mini!! So much fab inspiration here!


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