Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A confession I can only make to you....

.. I think you will understand....

I was amazingly blessed to be able to leave my life behind and run away with my husband for 11 days to ALASKA!!!! (P.S. AMAZINGNESS.. more to come on that!!) but I did have that itsy bitsy tiny thought oh *ohmygrapesiwillmissreveal* especially when I saw the card add-on stamp!! I had thoughts of asking a friend to pick up a couple things for me but I thought... no.. I don't NEED everything every month! :) I can TOTALLY do without it..... friends... what do you think is the VERY first thing I did after I tucked my kids in bed for the night the night we got home from Alaska? Studio Calico. That is right. Check out all the awesomness I missed (I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to torture myself like that) and I was SURPRISED to find out some amazing treasures were still up for grabs! I wanted to share with you what I picked up because I am in SHOCK it is still available!!

This was the kit I was thinking I would have to create an e-bay account to bid it out for! LOL :) But seriously... that STAMP SET!!!! I want to create MILLIONS of cards with it! The layering possibilities  I can NOT wait to use it! 

These little cards in the Project Life kit this month stole my heart and even though I wanted to just carry around in my pocket for whenever I needed to smile... I used them in my PL so HOW excited am I to see a stamp and DIE set?! Just adorable!

I love LARGE sentiments that make a statement on a page or a card so I put this baby DIRECTLY in my cart right when I saw it! I could see it being a title on a fun page about my husband or simply the front of a card.. so many possibilities!

Yes. I love tabs. I want to put tabs on anything and when I see anything tab related in a store I don't even think about it! So imagine my delight when I saw this adorable stamp and DIE set from Marcy?! SCORE!!! 

So that is what I scooped up and is STILL available!! What did you get this month? What was your favorite goodie? 



  1. every month during the month I swear ok only the main kit this month and... at the end I have always something I fall in love wih this month the pinball kit and I have no choice to buy it.

  2. These were all on my WANT list, but bought almost everything else so had to refrain! Hoping maybe to still be able to get at a later date(although have really debated on the tab set). I don't think I'd use it enough to justify.


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