Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

I know I know, didn't I just get a Stitch Fix, the answer is YES! But that is how much I loved the process, I ordered another one right away and thought it would be fun to get another goodie before we leave on our cruise next month! Next time I get a box my goal will be to get photos before I send them back, last night was super busy but as I sit down to work on this post I am finding it difficult to find photos.

A couple of the photos I am unable to find include a super cute tribal print shirt from pomelo, and I would have kept it but the arms were cut in an unflattering way on me and a diamond patterned tunic (I LOVED this as well but the fit in the chest was a little unforgiving).

This month I got a bag, which could be fun if they hit your style right on the nose! I love bags but I am kind of picky, and why don't they make MORE purses with FUN prints on the inside anyways?

So even though it was kind of fun it wan't ME enough to keep it! 

I couldn't find a regular photo of this tee but Glamorable reviewed it on her blog as well, I LOVED this tee actually and if I not fell in love with the dress (I will show in a moment) I would have purchased this, the cut and the 3/4 length sleeve are something I LOVE and don't own much of this color. 

And here was my keeper!!! When I first pulled it out of the box I really liked it but I wasn't sure where the gathered waist would hit me but when I tried it on it fit perfectly! And hello, just perfect for the cruise right?

For those of you not familar with stitch fix it is a personal styling service that will send you a box full of surprises once a month or on request. You fill out a styling profile to give them an idea of your style, how much you want to spend, your size etc. This service is NOT just for stick thin women, most of the things they have sent fit well (the only area I have run into issues is the chest). You pay $20 for the service but if you buy any of them items that is credited twords your purchase. If you buy all the items there is an additional discount. Whatever you don't want you just slip into the pre-paid envelop and send it back within three days, could NOT more simple! 

What I like about the service is that I am TRYING every single thing on and being surprised by which items I am loving, maybe items I wouldn't pick for myself in the store. Stitch Fix also makes some of their clothes so they are unqiue, fun items that you aren't going to see at the mall. I told myself I would try it once see how I liked it and I have to say, so far I am VERY impressed! 

Talk to you soon!

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