Monday, August 5, 2013

The one where YOU blow me AWAY

I am so inspired by the creative community over at Studio Calico! So I don't know why I am so surprised every time the gallery blows me away. But what is REALLY fun is to see everyone so excited about the learning something new and jumping right in to do so! Now I know not everyone posting for the toolbox class is new to hybrid, in fact some are passionate digital scrapbookers, which is why this is even MORE exciting! I love seeing digital scrapbookers at Studio Calico! They are a creative bunch let me tell you! :)

I wanted to share some gallery highlights today and all the fun ways the girls are using the template!

I LOVE all the colors and layers in this FUN layout form Michelle

I love how Akihasmomma used the template and then took is one step further 
and ran the whole design through her CAMEO! Hello LOVE!

I love this digital layout from Amanda, the colors are just perfection!!

NatasaTsouf rocked this digital layout, I love how she highlighted the BIRD!!

I am a HUGE fan of Jen so when I saw she played with the template .. it was love at first sight!

Can you believe this is Magdalen's first digital layout. OH MY she's a natural!!!

j.leija ROCKED the colors and made them TOTALLY work for her layout! AMAZING!!

Make sure you stop by the Studio Calico gallery for your daily dose of inspiration!


  1. Thank you, Shanna! The class is already so inspiring to me - and it is only day ONE!

  2. This is so cool! I can't wait until later tonight to get started :)

  3. Thanks Shanna! I had so much fun playing today. Can't wait for the rest of the class :) Also, please tell your friends at Studio Calico that they *must* start releasing more digital products!!! Absolutely loved the kit included in the class!

    1. Oh believe me I have Michelle!! Fingers crossed! So happy to see you posting at SC!

  4. Thanks Shanna! You really made it sound so simple that I had to just try it right away! I had so much fun with it and plan to use it again and again :) I LOVED the template and now won't be so afraid to use them!!!

  5. Thank you Shanna! I loved this class! all of the projects are so unique inspiring ♥♥♥

  6. Tanks for featuring me. I'm really looking forwards to rest of the class. I've been asking for a digi class with you and Catherine for teachers for a long time.


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