Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The one with the WINNER $20 Studio Calico Gift Card

Good morning! Thank you all for stopping by. Also.. thank you so much for sharing all your excitement & love for Barbara! She is out of this world talented, and one of the sweetest people I know!

Thank you for all those that played along in the lift challenge!! It was so much fun to see all your creations. I noticed some of you had troubles posting links, I will look into this I am so sorry about that. For those of you who emailed me your links thank you!!

Our winner is.. CoastieWife07 !!
(please email me for your gift card! ) 

Here is what she has to say about her project:

I absolutely am so INSPIRED by both Barbara Picinic (a.k.a. Babz510) and Shanna Noel! One project Babz510 did that particularly stood out to me was a silhouette cut-out (that she made herself!) of the United States map! She put it in a frame and used hearts to represent places her and her family has lived. I knew I wanted to do something with her amazing silhouette cut right away!
So I grabbed a couple pallets, tore them apart and put them back together, I stained the pallet and then I cut out the United States map on my silhouette with vinyl. I removed the inner cuts, so that I would be left with just the outline of the map. Then I layed it down on the pallet and painted it white. I used push pins to mark the places we've lived and kept it pretty simple.

I loved this to a million pieces and want to order 55 of them to give as gifts to all of my family! LOL Seriously though, this is a very special pieces, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! I love the dark wood background again the white map! TDF!

Here is the project from Barbara that inspired her piece:

Such talented ladies, I love that we all can be inspired by one and other in such a productive and creative way! Thank you for joining me today, I hope you find a moment in your day to be creative as well! 


  1. Oh yes, I adore this as well! Well done and congratulations! Barbara aka Babz

  2. Yay!! This is so exciting! Thank you Shanna for the fun challenge and thank you Barbara for your wonderful inspiration!


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