Saturday, December 22, 2012

The one with the PROJECT LIFE CLASS!!!!!

WAHOOOOooOOOO I am so excited to be sharing this wtih you today! Did you know that Studio Calico is offering a PROJECT LIFE class in January? It's perfect for those just starting off, or those wanting to refreash their plan off attack for 2013!

Let me just start off my telling you a little about what we will be doing in the classroom:

Our all new Project Life Creative Team has been busy behind the scenes working on our January class, Day By Day. Now that the team is revealed, we can give you a little more information about what they'll be sharing in the class. Here's a line up of the videos and tutorials :
video : favorite Project Life spreads of years past (Ali Edwards)
video : adding type to photos in PSE (Catherine Davis)
video : Project Life evolution (MaryAnn Perry)
tips & tricks : getting photos from your phone to your computer + printing photos (PS/PSE, Lightroom, Picasa, phone apps) (Kelly Noel)
tips & tricks : ideas for memorabilia (Allison Waken)
tips & tricks : PL product organization (Marcy Penner)
tips & tricks : stacked text cards in Silhouette Studio (Leena Loh)
tips & tricks : making your own journaling cards with stamp brushes (Geralyn Sy)
tips & tricks : pre-stamped journaling cards (Natalia Bun)
tips & tricks : ideas for title / week cards (Nicole Reaves)
tips & tricks : precutting Silhoutte shapes and storage (Shanna Noel)
tips & tricks : doodling and coloring (Suzy Plantamura)
cover pages : samples from the Project Life Creative Team (Amanda Caves, April Foster, Deb Duty, Kinsey Wilson, Laura Kurz, Lisa Truesdell, Maggie Holmes, Nicole Harper)
On top of that, each and every Monday we'll be sharing 5 new spreads from the PL team - these PDFs will contain new PL spreads, as well as 5-7 in process photos and a description of how they work on a week. Think of it as getting to peek over their shoulders as they work on their album! Our Creative Team members will also be sharing their top tips for Project Life.

Now doesn't that sound like something you want to be a part of? If that wasn't enough, here is the awesome stamp set you get a bonus (please check the studio calico forums for current stamp stock information) 

Still not 100% on board?? Okay, okay I know this will get you! LOOK AT SOME OF
 THESE AWESOME DIGITAL FILES you get!!! I am over the moon excited for these!!

There you have it! I am super excited about it!! Registration ends 12.31  so make sure to stop by!


oh P.S. I have a sneak- I LOVE the brushes for Jan! + PL? = PERFECTION

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The one with the Christmas Tradition

Hiya everyone! I wanted to share a little holiday tradition with you today! We live about 45 min. north of San Francisco.

Although we love going to the city to enjoy the culture you can't help but notice the large community of homeless people living in the city. Each year around Christmas (as well as times throughout the year) we head into the city with the intention of making a difference. This Christmas we decided to pack up some Christmas kits (that included sandwiches, apples, watter bottles, trail mix, toothpaste, toothbrushes, gloves and glow sticks).  We pass them out to people who might not have as bright of a Christmas morning without a little unexpected cheer.

Honestly, it's one the the kid's favorite traditions.
Now, what am I tell you this? Simple.., what can you do to make a small difference in your community? We don't need to move mountains here folks. Just see a need, and find a way to meet it, simple as that.  The fact that we had planned to do this the day after the tragic events in CT, seemed fitting. I know it does nothing to help those affected by this horrific event, but I hope it does a small part in restoring the faith in humanity. 

I am super thankful to have a husband who is passionate about instilling such values into our children.  I am sorry if this is out of line, but there is nothing sexier than watching your husband be a servant and  great teacher. There I said it, and I am not sorry! 

Don't worry we made sure to have a little extra fun while we were in the city as well! 
Have a fantastic day! What holiday traditions are you celebrating with your family?


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hiya everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by! I have some VERY exciting news...... I have been keeping a SECRET! :) I was asked to join the Studio Calico Design team, OH FOR Yippeeeeeee!!!! I can't not tell you how excited I was to be asked.  I started paper scrapbooking BECAUSE of Studio Calico. I joined in June 2011 and haven't looked back. They have had me hooked since, and one of the things I love most about Studio Calico is the amazing community there.

Studio Calico is introducing a new Project Life kit today as well. Let me tell you, its AMAZING. SO.MUCH.FUN and it has inspired me to do Project Life again for 2013, which I am super excited about! With that, Studio Calico is introducing a new Project Life Creative Team as well!!!

I am telling you, Studio Calico knocked it out of the park with the Design Team this time around! I feel honored to be a part of this team (kinda of unbelievable to tell you the truth) and I am excited for the things we have in store for you! Please check our their blog for more info.

For now I have a little sneak for you! 

I will tell you I became SLIGHTLY addicted to a couple elements (two of which are shown here) 
in the January kits.. COULD.NOT.STOP.USING! I can't wait to share more with you!

Until then, stay inspired! xox

Monday, December 3, 2012

The one with the excuse

Good morning! I have a good reason it's been so quiet around here latley. 

I thought that was a good excuse, I am glad you agree! :)

Cristina, you are my sketch winner! CONGRATS and thanks for playing along! 
Please email your address and I will send you some happy mail!