Monday, October 13, 2014


Happy Monday everyone! I am excited to be joining Studio Calico for an INSPIRATIONAL blog hop! They are giving away some amazing prizes JUST for sharing some inspiration, how easy is that?! First off EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON gets to download this ADORABLE art print. It is perfect to frame and put up in your home or even slip into your project life album, you really can't go wrong!

Seriously how cute is that?! You can win a SUPER duPER cool prize by simply downloading this print using THIS LINK and entering what inspires you in the comments section.  More on the super duper cool prize below! 

I am kinda smitten with this print! I makes me want to jump in a huge pile of fall leaves and make some hot apple cider. It makes me want to snuggle under our favorite blanket and watch a chick flick. It makes me want to CREATE! There is something about fall that I find to be SUCH an inspiration. How about you? So today I wanted to share 14 things that are inspiring me RIGHT this very moment!!

1. Vintage ephemera | Come on folks... is there anything better? I have been going through my Grandmother's scrapbooks and just soaking up all the GREATNESS of these old papers. 

2. Color Theory Paint | You really have to try it if you have been holding out, what are you waiting for? The creamy texture is just perfection, and the colors SC comes out with will leave you inspired!

3.  Woodgrain Hearts | When I am just not sure what to use a big old heart will always do the trick!

4.  Buttons | Oh buttons, how I adore you. They are the perfect item to finish off a fall project! 

5. Acorns | because, acorns = love. 

6.  Funky Wood Veneer | We are talking totally unique only can be found in Ashley's AWESOME class kinda of unique. Who can resist that cat? I don't even like cats!!!! <-- don't tell anyone I said that!

7. Teen Tiny Vintage Books | I pick them up whenever I find them because they are perfect for a little collection of acorns, or a frog with some vintage photos peeking out!

8. Color Theory Ink | Specifically this color of lime light, I want to stamp it on EVERY.SINGLE.BIT!

8a. (because I forgot to put a label on it) Fall Sentiment Tape | I have considered picking up another Project LIfe kit just got this tape, don't judge. Once you have it in your hot little hands you will understand and we will be best friends again! 

9. Lindsay Letters | EVERY single thing she does is such an inspiration! I had the pleasure of meeting her two weeks ago at the influence conference and let me tell you she is one of the sweetest most generous people you will ever meet in your entire life. Love her to bits! 

10.  Photos of those I love | because that is really what this is all about, right?

11.  Ribbon | I am lucky that the nice ribbon store in town is open mainly when I am working or I would be in big trouble. I LOVE the texture it adds to any project and this color is just YUM!

12. Funky Pumpkins | I LOVE this pumpkin I picked up at our local craft store last year. I adds just a fun touch on a mantle otherwise covered in traditional fall colors. 

13. Fall Art Print | Fall is such a magical time and anything that is inspired by that is just meant to be loved. 

14. YOU | My friends, I am humbled to be a part of such a creative, loving, giving, INSPIRING community. Each and every day I am left in awe of the things you create and the love that you spread, keep it up friend! 

Now since you are SUCH an inspiration I wanted to give you a little something from the amazing folks at Studio Calico! Remember the super easy rules? All you must do is download this adorable art print using this link  and leave a comment sharing what inspires YOU! I will draw a winner by next Monday to win *weneedsupercooldrumrollnoisehere* 

The Project Life Underground Kit from Studio Calico! How fun is that?! (see totally worth the wait!!) 

The is not where the fun ends my friend, Studio Calico is also giving away some AWESOME prizes and I want you to get in on the fun! We’re giving away over $1,400 in prizes drawn from the people who download the printable. The prizes get bigger and bigger the more uses of the #scinspires hashtag.  So get on your social media platforms and start shouting from the rooftops what INSPIRES you and make sure to use the #scinspires to get the word out! Check out the Studio Calico blog every Friday for update on how we are doing!!! Let's blow those numbers out of the water!! 

P.S. For those looking for my guest blogger I have a very exciting post for you tomorrow!!! 

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